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Leading mining company Bitfury announced the opening of the third energy-efficient data center in Georgia. New Farm 40 MW opens this week an...
The creators of the London startup Plutus say that thanks to the invention of technology buyer can pay the store Bitcoin, even if the seller...
The Secretariat of Economic Cooperation and Development has prepared working papers for the meeting on the economy and distributed innovatio...
Ebay has filed two patent applications related systems cryptocurrency to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The UK Government will allocate £ 10 million to the study of financial technology and the potential of distributed registry.

Interesting facts about Bitcoin
Bitcoin payment system has attracted a lot of attention. The course of virtual coins jumped dramatically from $200 in September to $1200 in November 2013, then again dropped below 1000. However, the rate stabilized, and now Bitcoins are traded in a narrow range between 900 and 1,000 dollars. Someone thinks that the money that exists only in cyberspace - it is a "bubble" only, others - that they are the future of electronic payments. We will share some interesting facts about the Bitcoin.