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Mondo Digital Bank collected a million pounds for 96 seconds

Created just over a year ago English digital bank the Mondo, on its website proudly calls itself "the best bank in the world," recently has really become a sensation in crowd investing.

The Bank has not yet received a state license, already inspires confidence nearly 2,000 people. That's how much Mondo customers involved in investing, investing an average of 542 pounds. From the moment when the possibility was open to buy the bank's shares, and before the required amount has been collected, it took only fifteen minutes.

The result exceeded all expectations. 1 million pounds from the bank's customers during 96 seconds. This is an absolute record in crowd investing. The collected amount was a stake in the 3.3%. Thanks to it, the bank at the moment is estimated at 30 million pounds. And this is the first bank that has allowed its customers to become full shareholders. It is supposed to collect 6 million pounds.

The secret to the success of a startup is probably its maximum transparency to its customers. Founder Tom Blomfield Bank considers that openness and transparency - the only sure way that can guarantee the solution to all problems.

Currently, the bank customer handling in the test mode, there are 1 500 cards Mastercard Ā«Mondo InvestorĀ». By the end of the year the bank plans to increase their number to 10 thousand. The Bank intends to engage in service only individuals. It will not create any branches, in addition to the already existing on the Internet and as a mobile application for smartphones.

According to its financial projections, Mondo does not expect great speed until at least 2020, but to enter the multi-million plans in 2018. It is assumed that the bulk of income as well as in the traditional banks will come from the customer service, in particular operations such as overdraft.

Bank financing continues, and eventually fixed assets should be around 75 million pounds. This is a requirement of the bank of England. This protects you from bankruptcy and will bail out the bank in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

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