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Legal marijuana sellers need Bitcoin

Bitcoin can be useful for pharmacies that sell marijuana legal in the United States and have too much cash - the only one available to them a means of payment. In the vaults of pharmacy items stored large amount of cash, exposing them to the risk of robbery and confusing workers, writes Cryptocoinsnews. A problem solved by conventional method of electronic payment is not possible.

The reason is the dual legislative approach to marijuana. While some states have decriminalized and legalized it, the federal government still treats it harshly. As a result, chemists and entrepreneurs, directly dealing with marijuana, can not write checks, to accept credit cards and put money into financial institutions.

Problem Solving is bitcoin, according to the CCN article. This cryptocurrency do not depend on any central authority, so there is no reason why the government should intervene in the payment operations of pharmacies, of course, if marijuana is legalized in the state.

However, such a move would require the efforts in the field of education. To make this possible, more people should know about Bitcoin. However, the problem becomes more achievable if these pharmacies will become social infrastructure nodes (with a cafe, a small restaurant, and so on), which will come not only in order to buy marijuana.

Currently, 50 US states legalized marijuana decriminalized in four and even sixteen. This means that its use continues to be an offense, but does not entail a prison sentence. In 23 states legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes, which makes it possible to organize the pharmacies. In states where marijuana is legal, the law is contrary to federal law. Therefore, the relevant business is legitimate only so long as the marijuana is grown, sold and used within a given state.

Interesting facts about Bitcoin
Bitcoin payment system has attracted a lot of attention. The course of virtual coins jumped dramatically from $200 in September to $1200 in November 2013, then again dropped below 1000. However, the rate stabilized, and now Bitcoins are traded in a narrow range between 900 and 1,000 dollars. Someone thinks that the money that exists only in cyberspace - it is a "bubble" only, others - that they are the future of electronic payments. We will share some interesting facts about the Bitcoin.