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Coinbase introduces mobile price alert

Members of Bitcoin trading platform can now install mobile alerts that will keep track of fluctuations cryptocurrency.

This company stated in his blog on 19 January. The owner of a mobile phone based on iOS or Android will be able to create a price alert and be notified as a "push" the phone when the price matches the predetermined level, writes Coinbase.

Alerts can be set according to the price of Bitcoin, expressed in local currency. The price will be recalculated automatically. So the new service is available to users from all countries where Coinbase is working.

The company claims that the notification will simplify the buying and selling bitcoins. After receiving the alert enough to hold a finger left and click on the screen to immediately get rid of bitcoins or, conversely, to acquire new ones. A swipe to the right, the user gets access to the schedule of price fluctuations on bitcoin, allowing it to take a more informed decision. Overall, the new feature allows you to keep better track of extreme volatility in the price of Bitcoin, it gives people confidence that they will not miss an unexpected jump of the course, simplifies and accelerates crypto trade.

Coinbase is bitcoin exchange and trading platform with its own mobile bitcoin wallet that allows customers to instantly send and receive payments in Bitcoin and supports more than 3 million users in 32 countries.

Earlier this month, the price of Bitcoin has reached 460 dollars, but on January 15 it dropped to $ 355 and has since ranged between 360 and 410 dollars. With this level of volatility innovation Coinbase seems really useful.

Interesting facts about Bitcoin
Bitcoin payment system has attracted a lot of attention. The course of virtual coins jumped dramatically from $200 in September to $1200 in November 2013, then again dropped below 1000. However, the rate stabilized, and now Bitcoins are traded in a narrow range between 900 and 1,000 dollars. Someone thinks that the money that exists only in cyberspace - it is a "bubble" only, others - that they are the future of electronic payments. We will share some interesting facts about the Bitcoin.