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French MEPs proposed to prohibit the cryptocurrency exchange

Three MEPs from France tabled a resolution calling for "tighten control over all the virtual currency." As part of the proposal is not ruled out a total swaps cryptocurrency ban.

The authors of the resolution became Sophie Montel (budget committee), Florian Filippo (Committee of Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee and Constitutional Affairs) and Dominic Bilde (Committee on Culture and Education).

All of them belong to the ultra-nationalist party "National Front by Marine Le Pen. The resolution was registered November, 25 but published on the website of the European Parliament just now.

According to Article 133 of the Rules of the European Parliament, any deputy can bring to the discussion of the resolution, if it concerns "items falling within the scope of the European Union."

The resolution listed a number of distinctive features of Bitcoin, including "anonymous" and the irreversibility of the transaction. In addition, the document is not only trying to bring to the conclusion that "high risk" cryptocurrency but draw an analogy between Bitcoin and financial pyramids. At the same time they do not forget about the controversial Russian bill provides for criminal prosecution for the exchange of digital currencies.

As a result, reducing all these factors together, the French deputies suggest:

"... Allow the participating countries to enter the Union more control the exchange of virtual currency until their complete prohibition."

According to the same Article 133 of the Rules of the European Parliament, the sponsors should be notified of the decision taken in connection with the offer.

Interesting facts about Bitcoin
Bitcoin payment system has attracted a lot of attention. The course of virtual coins jumped dramatically from $200 in September to $1200 in November 2013, then again dropped below 1000. However, the rate stabilized, and now Bitcoins are traded in a narrow range between 900 and 1,000 dollars. Someone thinks that the money that exists only in cyberspace - it is a "bubble" only, others - that they are the future of electronic payments. We will share some interesting facts about the Bitcoin.